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Aviation Training


OPS Courses

Tailored to Operator's needs according to EASA-OPS
 Available in English, German, French
 All courses are offered at the Operator's location and required date/time


  • CRM course modules: Initial, Recurrent, Command, Training Captain
  • ESET classroom items refresher
  • WET & FIRE Practical Training
  • First Aid & CPR refresher
  • Dangerous Goods recurrent: for "carry" and "no carry" Operators


PC-12NG Training

Simulator Training

  • Crew-coordination course for effective 2-pilot operation.
  • Recurrent training with emphasis on APEX, Synthetic Vision / Smart View, system failures, abnormal and emergency procedures for safe single and dual pilot operation.
  • Tailored training according to customers' requests.


PC-12NG Training


Pilatus-Aircraft Training Center in Stans, Switzerland (


Flight Training
  • Initial training and Class conversion training according to EASA.
  • Follow-up training after Simulator sessions.

Any suitable airport in Switzerland



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